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your transactions

Enable your business to notarize documents inside your current online platforms. Notaries and signers can simply meet virtually to legally sign & seal documents. And you control the process.

Healthcare partnerships

Save Time. Establish Trust.

Take Control

Going digital gives you more control over the notarization process. Do away with the logistics of physical mailing over long time periods or sending mobile notaries.

Improve Access

Online sessions allow participants to be in remote locations for the entirety of the process. Make the transaction easy and more accessible for your signers.

Meet Compliance

Our technology meets industry and government standards and builds trust with every notarization. Utilize our advanced verification, auditing, and security tools.

Solve Your Remote Problem

A new World

Set your business up for remote notarizations to keep your processes intact, no matter what the world has in store.

Mo More Mail & Wait

Do away with needlessly mailing paper back and forth over a period of days or weeks.

Fast & Secure

Digital documents can be notarized virtually in minutes, ID Verification included.

Reduce Stress

Our platform ensure state compliant notarizations and proper audit trails.

Trusted by business. Backed by government.

Enacted Laws/Rules
Legalized (Temporary)

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We are happy to answer any questions about Validocs and RON. Are you curious how Validocs is different?
It’s a matter of minutes versus days! RON technology allows you to schedule & complete a notarization over a video meeting in as little as 15 minutes.

Physical methods involve mailing documents or notaries traveling over days or weeks.
RON is actually more secure and reliable for both verification and audit tracking.

Remote notarizations are subject to more stringent compliance standards than in-person notarizations. Sessions are also recorded for proof.

In-person notarizations rely solely on human ID checks and physically mailed documents.
Yes, RON creates a better experience for both businesses and their customers!

Allowing customers to quickly sign documents from their device reduces their burden and yours. And all interactions happen within your document management system.

Current methods rely on mailing documents outside your system or mobile notaries conducting signings outside your view.

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